Course price: € 95

To register for the CM6 course of Fundación Pineda you must follow the following steps:

First Step

Fill in the form fields:

Second Step

You must sign this Authorization for assistance and Use of images. For that you have to download the pdf from this link, print the document, fill it in correctly and upload it here:

Last Step

Make the payment of € 95 to the account number that we provide below. This is the total price of the course and the only income you will have to make:

ES11 0182 3247 2502 0154 6552 BBVA

Beneficiary: Fundació Pineda

Concept: CM6

The name and the two surnames of the payer.

Do you have difficulties to complete the registration? Send the data and the two files to We will contact you.

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I accept that my data be stored so that commercial information may be sent that might be of my interest, via either text message or WhatsApp and/or email.