Would you like to improve their initiative and personal administration? INTELLIGO CORE helps students in their first years of Secondary School develop the skills to study efficiently, which will bear with them in the future, obtaining the best results through less effort and time usage.


Intelligo core sessions are based in active and cooperative learning workshops that are taught by our Intelligo coaches throughout the school year.

The students will engage in 2 hours long sessions lead by our Intelligo coaches, in our specially habilitated rooms. The sessions will always be structured the following way:

5 minutes for time organisation
70 minutes for studying and homework
40 minutes for active learning activities
(depending on the amount of homework the students have)
5 minutes for evaluation


Students of 1st and 2nd grade of Secondary School who want to improve the proportion between the time they spent studying, the effort and their results.


With INTROSTUDIO, the students will learn to develop the key competences that have been defined internationally, in order to grow academically, socially and personally. Those are the concepts related to “learning to learn”, cooperative learning and motivation.

Organization and habits

Learning to think

Cooperative learning: team and service

Managing feelings


In order to efficiently acquire the competences, the active learning workshops allow the students to reach further towards the results of more than one competence at the same time with formal and non formal education techniques.

  • Organisation

    The students organise their own time.

  • Cooperative learning

    Workshops like “Pens in the middle” and “rotating paper sheet”

  • Auto evaluation

    Daily balance after the INTELLIGO sessions.

  • Thinking and communicating skills

    Mental maps in workshops like ‘I think, I see, I wonder’ and ‘rigurous thinking’

  • Active learning competitions

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